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Picking a colour scheme can be one of the trickiest things to decide upon when styling and designing your own wedding. Do you stick with your favourite colours? And if your heart is set on dusky pink, could you persuade your man to incorporate it in his own outfit? Or, should you go seasonal?

When advising my couples, I always get them to think of colours they both like, perhaps colour they’ve used to express themselves in their home decor. This is always a good starting point as home decor usually isn’t too bold, or too radical. Home decor usually incorporates neutral tones such as greys and dreamy whites with feature colours which have more of an impact - such as mint, duck egg blue or dusky pink. Light, neutral colours are important, as they really do complement the richer colours you choose to feature in your wedding colour scheme.

Some wedding colour scheme tips:

  • When choosing your bolder colour, think about what colours will suit your whole wedding party and your venue. If you’ve got a stately home filled with reds, golds and browns, a romantic pinks are probably not the best colour for your wedding palette.
  • Don’t pick a specialist colour. One of my original wedding colours was a very specific shade of peach, found in some flower girl dresses. It became increasingly difficult to find ribbon and flowers which were close enough to this exact shade of peach - without making the whole colour theme look messy. So I ditched the shade in favour of a similar one which could be more easily sourced.
  • If you're really struggling to find the perfect colour scheme, why not choose a theme - for example, A Vintage Tea Party, Burlap and Lace, Ruffles and Romance or Grecian Festival. Choosing a general theme means you won't have to worry so much about colours coordinating - as long as everything goes with the theme of the day.

Two of my favourite places for colour inspiration:

The Perfect Palette. Get inspiration from this fabulous blog which covers every colour scheme imaginable. It not only lets you browse your favourite colours, it also gives you ideas of how you can use those specific colours in your wedding elements. You may even find your pre-designed mood board waiting for you on the site!

Pinterest There are tons of mood board ideas on Pinterest published by brides, bridal magazines and blogs, wedding planners and stylists. Why not take a look at my Pinterest boards or Inspiration page for some ideas?

Happy designing!

Sophie x

Inspiration for a Valentine's Day wedding

At Weddings by Sophie HQ I've been thinking about Valentine's Day wedding inspiration, and I have to say red hearts have to one of my top themes. In fact, this theme doesn't just have to be reserved for a Valentine's wedding; with it's quirky feel it is a perfect theme for any couple wanting to add a bit of fun and bold colour to their wedding day.

From heart shaped props to the truly amazing Vivienne Westwood lady dragon heart shoes; and then of course the delectable heart shaped treats...the possibilities to personalise your day with hearts are endless!

To help you create a fun filled Valentines day wedding, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite heart inspired wedding details...

  • Heart shaped foods. Embrace your theme by creating heart shaped sweet treats, such as macaroons or heart shaped sandwiches for an afternoon tea. You could also make use of heart toppers for your wedding cake or heart shaped food flags for a simpler way to add that quirky touch to your food. Another fun idea is to serve red and white foods - for example vanilla milkshakes for the kids with red heart straws; red macaroons or red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and platters of strawberries and raspberries served on a stylish white serving plate.
  • Heart shaped props. From whimsical balloons to heart shaped umbrellas and gorgeous heart shaped cushions. The splash of red really does add a lovely touch to your photographs and will leave you with shots you will cherish forever. Whose face wouldn't light up when they see some of the inspirational images in my mood board below? The wedding ideas I've chosen show you can really embrace the theme without it looking tacky.
  • Quirky little extras. Don't you love the heart shaped button hole idea? Or perhaps a heart shaped brooch to secure your bouquet? I love it when couples go that extra mile with all the little details. One of my all time favourite ideas have to be sparkler sendoffs; and these heart shaped sparklers are a must have magical addition to send off newlyweds at the end of the night!

Whether you stick to red hearts, or choose a softer colour to fit in with your tastes; I think I've shown that heart inspired decor and details help to create a truly delightful theme!

Sophie x

The power of a beautiful wedding film

The power of that first look, the nerves in those sentimental vows, the way you danced your first dance; aren't these special moments ones you want to be able to relive again and again?

The one thing I regret most about my own wedding is not hiring a videographer. Seeing it as an extra expense at the time, I completely overlooked the special memories that only a wedding film can capture.

Today, you get to experience the beauty of a wedding film (if you're the emotional sort like me, you may shed a tear!) as the talented Vogue Wedding Films and Mr & Mrs Productions share some of their beautiful wedding films with us.

Vogue Wedding Films are a Cotswolds based wedding company who specialise in wonderful contemporary, cinematic films. Alison and Justin piece together hours of footage from your wedding to leave you with a beautiful keepsake you will treasure forever. As you can see from their video, one of their many talents is selecting those special moments out of hours of footage to create a seamless film of your wedding day.

Alison tells me how they share the tears, laughs, nervousness and excitement with the wedding party. Whilst the whole day is a pleasure to film, her favourite part of the day is probably the build up in the morning when the bride and her bridesmaids are getting ready. 'It’s always a mixture of excitement, laughter, happiness and of course nerves. The anticipation of the day ahead (that even we get as videographers) is so special and like nothing else' she says.

Of course, every wedding has the odd incident which you'll always remember fondly! Alison shares with me one of the funniest moments at a wedding she filmed last year. She tells me 'the wine was in full flow and the bride decided to throw her bouquet to the many awaiting girls ready to catch it. Justin was filming and I was at the side watching, looking at the bride and looking at the huge, stunning, very expensive looking chandelier above her. Yes, you’ve guessed it, when she threw her bouquet it went straight up into the chandelier and got stuck there! At the same time it sprinkled flowers on the girls below. It was a classic!'

From one videographer to another wonderful wedding film company. I was thrilled to work with Mr & Mrs Productions at my most recent Golden Glamour shoot. They captured the day perfectly; and their beautiful film gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it. Husband and wife team, Charlotte and Chris choose a filming and editing style to help create a really magical atmosphere. Using deep contrast in their shots and utilising a combination of extreme close ups, swinging wide angles and constant movement - along with their talented editing - left them with this beauty of a film. Something that I as a planner, will treasure forever.

So, why have your wedding captured on film? (If you aren't already convinced!)

Alison from Vogue Wedding Films tells me 'getting married is one of the most important days of your life and having a wedding film ensures that you get to remember it in a way that memories alone can’t do.' She explains that 'film has the wonderful power of being able to transport you back to that moment in time, igniting those very special emotions that you felt on your wedding day.' A wedding film is not only as an investment for yourselves, but for your family and future generations. Wouldn't it be lovely to have see your parents or grandparents wedding day on film?

Choosing a good wedding videographer also prevents those post wedding regrets.... Alison explains that 'whilst you will not regret having the opportunity to see your day all over again – you may well regret not hiring a wedding videographer.'

Charlotte from Mr & Mrs Productions also tells us that having a film leaves you with so many extra memories of the day. 'Your wedding day whizzes past immensely quickly and if you blink you will miss it!' she says. Charlotte also highlights how her company go that extra mile with helping out on the day. Whether that be 'spending a huge amount of time on the edit or helping to sew a wedding dress up - which has happened on more than one occasion!'

Top tips from Vogue Wedding Films on choosing your videographer

If you are thinking or hiring a videographer, it is important to consider the following things to ensure you are left with the ultimate wedding keepsake.

  • View samples of the videographers work. Are the shots in focus with good composition? Look at the transitions between shots – are they distracting or does is compliment the film? Overall, do you like the style of film?
  • Listen to the sound – it’s just as important as what you are seeing. Can you hear voices clearly or does it have a tinny distant sound? Does the music compliment or distract you as a viewer? If you want to select the music for your film, will your videographer allow you to do this?
  • Meet your videographer and ask how they will work on the day. Will they be unobtrusive and as discrete as possible or will there be big chunky camcorders and bright blinding lights following you around for the day? It is important to feel comfortable and confident with your videographer.
  • Check what’s included in the package price of your film. Does the price specify a certain number of hours filming and if so, check what happens if your day runs over in time. Check if the price includes travel, accommodation (where necessary) music licenses and editing. Make sure you are clear on what parts of your day will be filmed and what your final wedding dvd will include.
  • A good wedding supplier will always have public liability insurance; make sure your videographer has this as well as checking that they adhere properly to important music licensing laws.

I hope you've enjoyed being swept away amongst all this wedding loveliness. Chatting to the experts and seeing them in action has been a real eye opener. In fact, my experience in working with videographers has only reinforced my belief that they really are a great investment!

Happy Planning!

Sophie x

Vogue Wedding Films -
Mr & Mrs Productions -

Golden glamour wedding photo shoot

Looking for a bit of glamour in 2014? My latest styled shoot is all about just that; golden glamour.

I was really excited to be asked by Cotswold Style magazine to plan and style a Winter wedding photo shoot for their January edition. After pinning a multitude of ideas on Pinterest, it was an easy choice to go for an exquisite gold inspired wedding shoot and welcome in the year with some serious style and luxury.

Golden glamour wedding invitation for a styled shoot by Weddings by Sophie
Golden glamour wedding save the date for a styled shoot by Weddings by Sophie Golden glamour wedding invitation for a styled shoot by Weddings by Sophie

The invitations added some real luxury to the shoot with their gorgeous textures, colour and embellishments. The save the date card shows why it is great to try something a little different with your stationery; with a pocket of confetti enclosed, guests can begin to feel the excitement of the big day as well as get a real idea of the theme and colour scheme.

Golden glamour vintage bride at manor by the lake for a styled wedding shoot

The rich colours and ornate detailing at Manor by the Lake, a lovely Cheltenham wedding venue, worked incredibly well with the colour scheme and the glamorous theme. This photo in particular reminds me of the nerves and excitement a bride gets, playing with her engagement ring, before she walks down the aisle - one of the most memorable experiences of her life.

Decorated book case for wedding at Manor by the Lake

With any wedding, those little details are what help bring the day together and make it look beautiful. Decorating the old wooden bookshelf with gorgeous stems in bud vases, pearls and vintage books adds some real class. Making the most of the props in your venue is an excellent way to show off your creative flair and build your wedding theme, without the need to hire expensive items and furniture.

Golden glamour vintage bride in the snow at Cotswolds wedding venue Vintage bride in the snow at Cotswolds wedding venue for a winter wedding

Of course, a Winter wedding wouldn't be complete without snow; the perfect addition to a fairytale wedding day. Whether you brave the cold weather, or layer up in a fur shrug, coat or even a blanket; those outdoor shots are a must.

Vintage wedding styled shoot with bride on the bridge at Manor by the Lake

With a milder winter you may find accents of Autumn still around in the landscape. This shot proves that Autumn weddings can look gorgeous. The rich colours of the leaves work well to create an enchanting, natural landscape and the bridge above the lake makes for a stunning photo. Venues with gardens which you can explore are a personal favourite of mine; they look wonderful in every season and can help to create some truly wonderful images.

Curtis & Co wedding cake for a golden glamour winter wedding photo shoot Champagne Saucers from a vintage hire, Gloucestershire

Embracing a colour theme allows you to add a touch of it to all your wedding elements. The gorgeous four tier wedding cake screams elegance and great Gatsby with all of its fine detail from pearls to lace and detailed piping. One layer is even covered in gold leaf; a real treat for a couple seeking some wedding glamour. A subtle tablecloth with a bit of shimmer keeps within the theme without overpowering the main attraction.

Candelabra from daisy lane floral, Bristol Golden glamour winter wedding table decor
Golden glamour winter wedding table decor, styled by Weddings by Sophie
Golden glamour winter wedding table decor, styled by Weddings by Sophie

One of the main places you really get to show off your unique wedding style is at the reception. Lovely tables make you and your guests smile. Here, shades of golds are layered to create a gorgeous display, with the glamorous sheen of the tablecloth and elegant detail in the runners. Opting for crockery to fit in with your theme is also essential; using golds and glass worked really well together. From candelabras to smaller flower displays; golden candlelight to glam chair sashes; carefully placed menus inside of napkins and treats of wine and cupcakes; this table oozes elegance.

Golden glamour wedding inspiration, shoes and clutch bag Ian Stuart evening party gown for a golden glamour shoot designed by Weddings by Sophie

Of course, a celebratory New Year's Eve wedding wouldn't be complete without the party of the year - and what a perfect excuse for a dress change! The drama and fun of yet another Ian Stuart wedding dress complete with that essential clutch and shoes allow you to party into the new year in comfort and style.

Gold inspired wedding flowers from daisy lane floral designs

Beautiful flowers and dress details are one of the things we all love about weddings which is why I am in love with this shot. The close up detail of the evening wedding dress, along with the stunning bouquet, with accents of gold, capture the whole theme of this wedding shoot perfectly. Florists are extremely talented and knowledgable about their passion, so if you are looking for something a little different or bespoke, don't be afraid to ask them.

Main eggnog and baileys dessert table for golden glamour styled wedding
Eggnog and baileys dessert table for golden glamour styled wedding Eggnog and baileys dessert table for golden glamour styled wedding, by Weddings by Sophie

A evening bar filled with golden drinks and desserts inspired by Baileys and Eggnog is the perfect way to celebrate a glamorous night. Filled with delicious drinks and decadent treats from eggnog and baileys cupcakes to triple stacked gold dusted cookies and meringue kisses, your guests will be in for a real treat. It's not just about what's being served though; gold curtains for the bar, stationery for the table and a gold ornate frame for the back bar complete the golden glamour inspiration.

Gold inspired wedding shoot, Ian Stuart evening party gown.

For the story behind the shoot, read my piece in January's Cotswold Style magazine

Thank you to all the following for being involved: Venue
- Manor by the Lake; Publication - Cotswold Style; Wedding Planner / Stylist - Weddings by Sophie; Model - Iris Fitzgerald; Photographer - Courtney Louise Photography; Wedding Cake - Curtis & Co; Dessert Table Treats - Made by Marie Green; Stationery - Lucy loves Weddings; Vintage Crockery & Glassware, Accessories & Table Linens - The Vintage Hire and A Table to Dine For; Florist - Daisy Lane Floral Design; Pop up Vintage Bar - Charlie’s Bars; Hair - Bella Bridal Hair; Make Up - Make up by Vanessa; Wedding Dresses - Ian stuart gowns from ‘Wedding days of Cheltenham’; Snow! - Major Events; Videography - Mr & Mrs Productions

Sophie x
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